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Program Details


Protects from Product Defects


Repairs or Replaces the Device


Must be Properly Installed


Limited to One Claim


Warranty Must Be Registered


Four Coverage Levels

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It’s all about the customer experience. They’re a great way to show consumers you stand behind your product

and, if something does go wrong, you’re going to take care of them.

No. As a vertically aligned insurance company, we can provide OEM warranties on almost anything. However, the solutions we already have in place are for mobile accessories.

The wholesale price for the manufacturer to add a OEM warranty solution depends on the coverage limit they want to set. Coverage ranges from $100-$400, and the pricing adjusts accordingly.

An OEM warranty protects the customer if the product fails to provide the intended service. For example, a waterproof screen that allows liquid damage to a phone, or a shatterproof screen protector that doesn’t hold up. If the damage to the phone is caused by defects in product material and/or workmanship, then the customer is covered.

It varies by the warranty solution provided, but yes, the typical exclusions include: catastrophic damage, device destruction, normal wear & tear, abuse, and improper installation.

Yes, each customer is limited to one claim, and the amount spent on repairs is determined by coverage limits set by the manufacturer.

When the customer calls in to file a claim, our CSR will help them determine if a repair facility is nearby. If there is, the customer can take their phone there for repair, send us a copy of the bill, and we’ll send a check to cover the cost. If a repair facility isn’t nearby, they send the device directly to us. No worries--we pay for shipping both ways.

It depends on the program offered by the manufactuer. If the claim limit allows, we’ll send the customer a replacement device (typically like-for-like) to make them good as new.

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