Fortegra Credit Protection

From mortgages to lines of credit, long-term loans provide big benefits. But in today’s volatile world, trouble might be just around the corner. Fortegra Credit Protection Solutions provides a valuable safety net, safeguarding investments and preparing your customers for whatever life might throw their way.

  • Credit Life – Loan balance protection in the event of death of the borrower
  • Credit Disability – Loan payment protection providing financial support during an illness or injury-related work stoppage
  • Involuntary Unemployment (IUI) – Debt stability in case of job loss (termination and other exclusions apply)
  • Credit Property and Auto Physical Damage – Protection for property used as collateral
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Financial relief against an unfortunate life event
  • Motor Club – Roadside assistance including nationwide dispatch for emergency lockout, fuel, battery, tire, and towing services
  • Premium Financing – Flexible payment options for small businesses and retail customers

The Fortegra Advantage


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  • Five active distribution channels: Finance, Retail, Bank, Auto Dealer, Vacation Ownership
  • Fourth-largest payment protection provider in the U.S.
  • Premier AFSA business partner
  • Compliance compatible collateral
  • Increased revenue opportunities

Your Customers…
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  • Industry-leading electronic premium and claims interface
  • Five-day claims processing standard
  • Security to weather life’s unexpected challenges

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