Fortegra Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program


Our two-year, rotational program gives young professionals the opportunity to take part in a wide range of business experiences including:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis More Info
  • Internal Audit More Info
  • Sales More Info
  • Training/Education More Info
  • Underwriting More Info
  • Marketing More Info
  • Data Analysis More Info
  • Operations More Info
  • Compliance More Info
  • Business Analysis More Info

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What’s in it for you?

Placement in the LDP offers a full-time, salaried position based in Jacksonville, FL, potential future placement, and great benefits like:

  • Training and Career Guidance from Senior LDPs, Management, and Executives
  • Project Management Opportunities
  • Professional Certification Achievement
  • On-site Wellness Center to Enjoy Work/Life Balance

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Ideal Candidates should meet the following requirements:

Strong Academic Performance Bachelor’s Degree in Related Field Highly-Motivated Outlook Relevant Work Experience

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LDP Testimonials

Here’s what current and former LDP participants have to say about the benefits of Fortegra’s approach to training and mentorship.

Jeremy Humbard


"With strong leaders who support the success of my career goals, Fortegra has allowed me to explore different roles within the program, enabling me to grow as a young professional."

Clare Plummer

Clare Plummer

Data Analytics and IT

"The program not only prepared me for my career but showed me what my passion is. Since I studied Finance in college, I never dreamed that I would start a career in IT. I thank the program for the ability to try new things."


Lauren Haley


"The LDP program provided me with the tools I need to succeed as a young professional in the workforce. Fortegra invests time, energy, and resources in their LDPs—and I’m thankful for the practical skills they’ve taught me."

Madison Meehan

Madison Meehan

Premium Operations

"The greatest benefit of joining the Leadership Development Program at Fortegra is having a guaranteed community of other recent college graduates. My LDP peers and I have bonded through various projects, supporting each other's successes and career goals."

Blake Zercher

Blake Zercher

South Bay Acceptance Corporation – Financial Analysis

"The LDP program has jump-started my career as a financial analyst. What I enjoyed most was working with executive level management on essential projects, impacting the organization’s success. I am truly blessed to have been provided the useful resources to aid me in my professional growth."

Majda Mujagic

Majda Mujagic

Treasury & Investments

"The LDP program propelled my career within Fortegra because it allowed me to work with various departments and managers that I otherwise may not have been privy to, which in turn broadened my knowledge in this industry."

The Fortegra Difference

As a B2B insurance and warranty solution services provider, we partner with financial institutions, insurers, and retailers to deliver valuable protection solutions for businesses and consumers alike. With a full-service and vertically integrated approach, our in-house compliance, marketing, training, administration, finance, and underwriting teams work together to generate success.

  • Over 500 Employees At Eight Locations Worldwide
  • Headquartered in Sunny Jacksonville, FL
  • $1.5 Billion in Gross Annual Sales
  • A Tiptree, Inc. Company (NASDAQ: TIPT)
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