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Though the average consumer’s financial stability rests largely upon four fundamental insurance pillars – health, life, home, and auto – there remains a substantial amount of risk in the unpredictability of everyday setbacks. What if your customer’s mobile phone disappeared, a major appliance failed, or their family could no longer pay the mortgage due to death or disability? This uncertainty can affect a consumer’s peace of mind, rob them of financial confidence, and impair their ability to improve their daily lifestyle.

That’s where we come in. At Fortegra, we understand that today’s consumer requires a more comprehensive set of protection products. It’s why we’ve brought together the best of today’s specialty insurance and warranty providers, supplying assistance to simplify lives, lessen risk, and grant consumers more freedom.

Now as a vertically aligned, single source organization, Fortegra delivers multi-faceted coverage with an unmatched service experience. By solving immediate needs and producing lasting relationships, we allow both our partners and customers to worry less and Experience More.

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