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Already a Fortegra Automotive customer in need of claims support or other assistance?

Please contact your original provider for service.


Returning our call for claims assistance? Contact us at:

Auto Knight: 800.451.0459

All other auto claims: 888.250.4801


For emergency roadside assistance, contact us at:

United Motor Club: 888.365.4345

Continental Car Club: 800.544.3895


Refer to your provider contract for customer service contact info



No worries. We’re standing by 24/7. Just call Fortegra at 1.800.544.3895 and we’ll get someone out there to help you ASAP.

Because the claim process is different for each program and partner, the best direction is to consult your auto dealer or service contract. If neither of those are an option for you, call us—we'd be happy to help. The non-emergency line is 800.451.0459.

We work with master agents, and program administrators who have networks of automotive dealers that offer consumers a wide range of our automotive products.

No, we only work through our preferred partner network to provide plans to consumers.

Well, that really depends. A lot of standard auto policies don’t cover specialized items like tires, wheels, and key remotes. Each policy is different, so make sure you know what your coverage leaves you exposed to. And depending on how much you owe on your vehicle, you might need Guaranteed Asset Protection.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or 'GAP', pays for the remaining balance the owner owes above the amount the primary insurance company will pay. This can be a huge lifesaver to someone who owes a lot on their car if the value of the vehicle has decreased.

We call our program Total Protection Plus, and it’s just what it sounds like: total protection from anything your typical auto insurance won’t cover. Windshield Repair, Tire & Wheel coverage, Paintless Dent Repair, Key Replacement, and our 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Well, it starts with amazing customer service and a trusted, nationwide network of more than 21,000 providers. Add extra services like fuel delivery, destination assistance, travel insurance, and legal defense fee reimbursement – that’s how we help consumers Experience More.

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