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"When I first looked into a policy, I found myself overwhelmed by all the terms, co-pays, etc. I sent out a request for information and many replied, yet only you took time to fully explain everything. You helped us find a policy that met our needs, and most important, took the time and the patience to deal with two different parties and ensure that all questions were answered and all needs were met. I won't hesitate to recommend Fortegra™ to my friends when they are searching for health care."

- Wilson Family
Location withheld

The Most Affordable Cancer Treatment Insurance Quotes

Affordable critical illness & cancer insurance available through Fortegra™ provides a cash benefit of that can be used for any expense. You can use the cash to cover your deductible or every-day expenses like food, rent or car payments.

More and more Americans are surviving cancer and living normal lives, but often at a crushing cost that jeopardizes their families' financial future. Some ongoing medical expenses can run upwards of $150,000 and more [CIC1]).

It's important for you to plan for the possibility of cancer and its financial impact, because it's much too common a health threat to be ignored. Consider these recent statistics from the American Cancer Society:

  • One in every two men, and one in every three women will develop invasive cancer in their lifetime.
  • One in every eight women will develop breast cancer.
  • One in every six men will develop prostate cancer [CIC2].

The financial burden of cancer

With cancer, the financial hardship is a result of high deductibles, copayments and other out-of-pocket expenses – often exacerbated by a loss of income due to time away from work, during treatment.

According to the American Cancer Society, the average cost of a 30-day cancer drug prescription was more than $1,600 in 2006 and it’s even higher today. Many cancer drugs cost much more than drugs for other illnesses. Some of the newer cancer treatments can cost as much as $10,000 for a month’s supply. Also, co-pays are often higher for these prescriptions than those for other types of treatment [CIC3]. Such medical expenses can quickly wipe out retirement accounts, college savings funds and home equity. One major study found that compared to the general population, bankruptcy rates were nearly twice as high among cancer patients one year after diagnosis, and that the median time to bankruptcy was two and a half years after diagnosis [CIC4].

Thankfully with the right invasive cancer coverage as an addition to your other medical insurance or as stand-alone coverage, you can avoid this kind of hardship.

Fortegra™ will help you find the right Affordable Cancer Treatment Insurance policy

Shopping for any kind of insurance, including cancer insurance, can be a complicated and frustrating process. But it doesn't have to be, because Fortegra™ is in the business of making it easy for you.

With cancer Insurance available through Fortegra, you can protect your family's financial security. This supplemental medical insurance pays you cash benefits if you're diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. It allows you to get the care you need and helps you pay for everyday expenses like food, car payments or housing.

To fully understand your cancer coverage options, just make one helpful phone call. You'll get to talk to your own Fortegra™ Licensed Agent -- a real insurance agent, not a telemarketer – who will take the time to understand your specific circumstances and then offer helpful and respectful guidance. You'll get hear all your options explained in plain language and, ultimately make a choice that's right for you.

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your financial obligations are covered, and you can concentrate on what's most important—getting healthy for your family.

The benefits:

Affordable critical illness& cancer insurance provides a cash benefit that can be used for any expense. You can use the cash to cover your deductible or every-day expenses like food, rent or car payments.

Questions? Your Fortegra™ Licensed Agent is standing by to offer you a helpful consultation! Just call (800) 349-8671.

Before you contact any insurance company,
increase your insurance I.Q. simply by knowing these important facts:

  1. Insurance pricing is regulated. Each state healthcare commission approves health care insurance offerings for their region. Pricing for policies is different in each region. Within a certain geographical area, rates are assessed by coverage available. Finding the most appropriate and affordable solution for your individual needs revolves around your desired coverage. Fortegra™ has available numerous options when combining insurance and supplemental plans with the various dollar cost & benefits available – too much for one person to consider! But, we’ll work to make sure your solution is customized to fit your needs and exact budget.

    Our licensed agents will talk you through what policies will fit your individual needs – taking into account how you use your policy and what protection you might need in the case of an injury or illness. Many individuals pay high premiums for policies they don't use and can benefit from savings from having the right plan. Fortegra™ offers the right supplemental products to maximize your benefits.

  2. The financial strength of the insurance company matters. Each insurance company is required by law to hold enough money in reserves to cover their anticipated claims, but the longevity and sustainability of a company is also important. Fortegra™ offers insurance products from top-rated, secure carriers to ensure that our customers are protected now and for years to come.

  3. AM Best ratings can be used as a research tool. AM Best Company, Inc. is a respected independent rating agency that issues financial-strength ratings to indicate insurance companies' ability to pay claims. When researching a source for your policy, Your goal should be to find a company that has an AM Best rating of at least B (good) or better.

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