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"When I first looked into a policy, I found myself overwhelmed by all the terms, co-pays, etc. I sent out a request for information and many replied, yet only you took time to fully explain everything. You helped us find a policy that met our needs, and most important, took the time and the patience to deal with two different parties and ensure that all questions were answered and all needs were met. I won't hesitate to recommend Fortegra™ to my friends when they are searching for health care."

- Wilson Family
Location withheld

Get an Affordable Health Insurance Quote Today

If there's one issue on everyone's mind these days it's affordable health insurance. The health insurance market is changing, and following it can all be confusing and frustrating. Whether it’s medical coverage for yourself or for your entire family, you have plenty of questions: What's covered and what's not? How much is my deductible? What about pre-existing conditions? Even if I get health insurance from my employer, is it enough?

At Fortegra™ we make it easy for you and your family to get the right health insurance. And it starts with a simple, informative phone call to 1-800-349-8671. You'll talk to your own Licensed Insurance Agent—a real insurance agent, not a telemarketer—so you’ll get helpful and respectful guidance. Rather than one-size-fits-all health insurance quotes, your Agent will take the time to understand your needs, and provide clear and complete details about everything from traditional health plans to PPOs, HMOs and customized benefits plans. So you'll be much better equipped to choose the right medical benefits at the right price..  

Individual Insurance

As health care costs rise, you could be among a growing group seeking individual health insurance. Perhaps you're self-employed and have no medical insurance. Or, maybe you already have coverage through your employer, but want lower premiums and/or better options with an individual plan. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Call 1-800-349-8671 for a free quote.

Family Insurance

As premiums continue to rise and plan benefits decrease, you may find that the employer-sponsored policy for your family health care isn't so attractive anymore. Your Licensed Agent will tell you about affordable health insurance plans that may have a lower cost and/or offer lower deductibles, smaller co-payments and better coverage. The idea of obtaining cheap health insurance is different than buying a cheap car or TV. Health insurance is government regulated, which sets prices around provided coverage options. So, within geographical markets, prices for set coverage options will be similar. So it’s very important first to determine you and your family’s needs, and then get the most affordable health insurance. Our Licensed Agents are here to help you through those steps.

Call 1-800-349-8671 for a free quote.

Student Insurance

Whether the student is you or a family member, having major medical insurance is vital, because on-campus Student Health Clinics are often limited in the range of health care they offer. Plus, health care expenses aren't limited to illnesses, so you should also consider Accident and Emergency Care Insurance.

Call 1-800-349-8671 for a free quote.

Health Savings Accounts

Want more control over how and where you spend your money on healthcare? Now you can protect your family and pay everyday medical expenses with tax-free money. It's called a Health Savings Account or HSA. With an HSA, you save pre-tax dollars in a special account. Later, when you need the money, simply withdraw some to pay for medical expenses, eyeglasses, braces, alternative/chiropractic care and more. Our Licensed agents will get you started.

Call 1-800-349-8671 for a free quote.

Guaranteed Health Insurance

It's not always easy to get low cost health insurance with a pre-existing health condition. Now, we can help you with benefits that offer coverage for prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital/surgical coverage and much more. Your Licensed Agent will show you how we can turn pre-existing into pre-qualified.

Questions? Your Fortegra™ Licensed Agent is standing by to offer you a helpful consultation! Just call 1-800-349-8671.

Before you contact any insurance company, increase your insurance I.Q. simply by knowing these important facts:

  1. Insurance pricing is regulated. Each state healthcare commission approves health care insurance offerings for its region. Policy pricing varies in each region. Within a certain geographical area, rates are assessed by coverage available. Finding the most appropriate and affordable solution for your individual needs revolves around your desired coverage. Fortegra™ has numerous options available when combining insurance and supplemental plans with the various dollar cost & benefits available—too much for one person to consider! But, we’ll work to make sure your solution is customized to fit your needs and exact budget.

    Our licensed agents will talk you through what policies will fit your individual needs – taking into account how you use your policy and what protection you might need in the case of an injury or illness. Many individuals pay high premiums for policies they don't use and can benefit from savings from having the right plan. Fortegra™ offers the right supplemental products to maximize your benefits.

  2. The financial strength of the insurance company matters. Each insurance company is required by law to hold enough money in reserves to cover their anticipated claims, but the longevity and sustainability of a company is also important. Fortegra™ offers insurance products from top-rated, secure carriers to ensure that our customers are protected now and for years to come.

  3. AM Best ratings can be used as a research tool. AM Best Company, Inc. is a respected independent rating agency that issues financial-strength ratings to indicate insurance companies' ability to pay claims. When researching a source for your policy, your goal should be to find a company that has an AM Best rating of at least B (good) or better.

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