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Based on a foundation of excellence we have been providing health and life insurance value for our customers since 1996. Fortegra offers customized product bundles on Health and Life plans to help our customers save hundreds of dollars a month on insurance. You get the best plan at the absolute best price. Our friendly, licensed, professional agents make it simple and easy to keep your life right-side up.

  • We take the time to understand your needs and your budget
  • We walk you through the details of various health and life insurance plans
  • We help you save HUNDREDS of dollars a month
  • Backed by the 30-year Fortegra legacy as one of the country’s most respected credit insurers.

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We also offer unique solutions to Corporate Partners to capture unrealized revenue from existing clients, including inbound and outbound call campaigns that can be combined with multichannel marketing strategies. We create custom product sales campaigns providing a customer experience second-to-none, which will enhance your brand and deliver results time and time again.

Our consultative approach provides your customers with intricate details about the capabilities and benefits of your products in an easy to understand fashion that facilitates the sale. Campaigns are fully customized for Life, Health or P&C products and can be set up as an inbound, outbound, or blended calling campaign. Whether you are looking to sell new products to existing customers, retain your current customers, or gain revenue through second chance efforts, Fortegra Personal Insurance Agency will help you execute a prosperous campaign.

  • ‘PLUS 1’ advantage to recycle lost sales opportunities
  • Programs that increase revenue and customer value
  • Strengthened relationships with new and existing customers

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