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Device Protection Insurance - iPhone / iPad / Smartphone

As the connected life takes root, so does the need to keep it intact. Think about the importance of your contacts, pictures, music, and favorite apps. What if something happened to those devices? Scary, right? Well, that's where ProtectCELL™ comes in. ProtectCELL™ is a company owned by Fortegra Financial®, a financial services company with a distinguished track record of providing outstanding service to consumers; and through its ProtectCELL™ division, the company now partners closely with Fortegra™ to offer that same great consumer coverage to device users. So don’t spend another moment worrying about your devices—we’re standing by to offer you a helpful consultation and a free quote on ProtectCELL™ device protection insurance at 1-877-775-3274.

ProtectCELL™ products (available through Fortegra™) include coverage plans and services that go well beyond traditional device insurance. We offer mobile device and data protection services that will help you back up your data or lock and locate your phone if it goes missing (Digital Leash™ and Digital Leash Plus™), identity protection services (ID Rescue powered by LifeLock), value protection services (Device Buyback). We’ll even throw in a way to spend less on your purchases (Rewards Mall). Talk about comprehensive!

Get Just the Right Device Coverage—at Just the Right Price

ProtectCELL™ offers plans for basic cell phones, smart phones, iPhones and tablets. For most plans, terms include convenient one-year and two-year options. We even offer our ProtectCELL™ Payment Plan when you purchase a two-year Complete Protection Plan. That lets you pay in three easy installments over the first three months of protection. We offer plans to fit every wireless lifestyle and budget, from our unique version of an extended warranty to the great protection described above. Just call us at 1-877-775-3274 for full details.

How important is Device Protection? Consider These Statistics.

In America, of the over 120 million [DP1] smartphone users and 70 million [DP2] tablet users, over a third say they access non-voice applications on their devices—applications ranging from email to internet browsers—before they even get out of bed in the morning. The majority of users keep their contacts on their devices and over half have used their devices to make a purchase .

According to a 2012 survey by Keynote Systems, the top activities for smartphone and tablet computer users include:

  • Accessing local information
  • Searching for information
  • Participating on social media/networking sites
  • Reading news and entertainment
  • Finding local services [DP4]

Of course, there's much more, and with new mobile apps coming to market every year, these devices are so vital to our daily routines that maintaining connectivity to and through them is vital to our ability to perform our daily routines. Make sure you get the protection you need by calling us at 1-877-775-3274.

Protect Yourself from inevitable Mishaps

Ready for the bad news? Bad things happen to these devices more frequently than you might imagine. A recent report on iPhone users released by SquareTrade reveals that over 30% damaged their devices within one year of purchase. It also states that since 2007, Americans have spent nearly $6 billion on iPhone repairs [DP5]. Ouch.

Regardless of the cause, you need protection—protection for your device, protection for the data it holds and protection for your personal identity while you live your mobile life. In some of the most basic personal and professional ways, this protection could be the most tangible of any protection investment you make.

I broke the screen on my Galaxy 3 while hiking in WY (darn rolling rock) and was worried it would be a real hassle getting it replaced. I was stunned with how easy, efficient and effective the process was to replace it with my ProtectCELL™ insurance. Once I called I had my new phone (and it was a new phone) in less than 48 hours – even the process of returning my broken phone was painless. I often complain about service for all sorts of things and rarely have a reason to rave about something...and I am definitely raving about this. Thanks everyone.
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