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'The insurance was purchased by my spouse. After he passed away, I contacted the lending institute, and claims were paid in a very timely manner. I was treated with the utmost respect. The insurance helped me, because it paid off the outstanding balance. – Brenda H.


 If something happens—like death, a disability, illness, or sudden job loss—credit insurance can make some or all of your loan payments.

Typically credit insurance is issued with a loan or credit at places like banks, credit unions, credit card companies, consumer finance companies, and even department stores.

On paper, a lot of credit protection plans are similar. What separates ours from the rest is a commitment to our customers in not denying claims and processing them as quickly as possible.

No. Credit insurance is entirely optional and will in no way affect the status of a your loan.

Yes. With Fortegra, your credit insurance can be cancelled at any time with a written notice.

Typically, credit insurance costs less than two cents a day, but amounts vary depending on things like your elected coverage and total loan amount.

Actually, 95 percent of disability accidents and illnesses are not eligible for workers’ compensation.

If you’re looking for additional peace of mind, credit protection can help you reduce financial risk if something were to happen during the time of your loan.

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